The Plantasy Room is every plant enthusiasts dream space; the lounge for all things planty. It is the space we've curated in our homes and work places to bring us peace and joy. The Plantasy Room is not just about plants... it's a whole mood...a whole experience that is transformational and rooted in healing. This business was started to propel this same energy that plants have given me into the lives of others.  The Plantasy Room is where plant fantasies really exist because plants make people


At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic, painful reproductive disease. In December 2020, I was mentally prepping for another surgical procedure related to this disease. Also at that point, we had over 100 plants in our home, in which some of them started to die due to the cold weather conditions of NYC. Hence, our Plantasy Room was born. My daughter suggested that we convert our "TV Room" into a greenhouse room in order to cluster our plants together and create an environment conducive to their growth. The Plantasy Room was born out of a place of healing and zen for my family and I and a space for our plants to thrive.

As a dreamer and over thinker, the evolution of The Plantasy Room was also a time for me to release the things that live in my head.  I needed and wanted more out of life. I wanted something I could BREW and GROW from these images living in my head.